Make An Impact With Your Message Using The Power of Story

  • Engage

    Connect and engage your audience through stories that make you relatable and build empathy and trust.

  • Inspire

    Motivate and inspire your audience through stories that tap into their emotions and make your message memorable

  • Influence

    Lead and influence your audience through stories that ignite their imagination and help them envision the future.

Our Mission

Ignite emotions, Inspire Change, and Influence Results

Powerful communication begins with powerful stories. We know you have a message to share and you want to communicate with influence.

At Heart Fire Stories™ our mission is to share the craft of storytelling through education and empower you to share your own stories, so you can make an impact with your message. Whether you are trying to build trust, share your vision, communicate your brand, or tell your mission story, the principals of storytelling can help you engage, inspire, and influence your audience.

As a storyteller with experience in marketing, theater, video, and film, Andrea works with you to discover, craft, and share stories that resonate with your target audience and influence desired behaviors. Storytelling is your superpower and we help you embrace it.

Stories touch hearts, change minds, heal wounds, and influence results. That is the power of story.

  • Educate

    • Storytelling Workshops (half & full day)
    • Motivational Speaking and Keynotes
    • Storytelling Retreats (2.5 half day)
  • Empower

    • Storytelling Consulting & Private Coaching
    • Team Building Events
    • Private Facebook Group

Storytelling Workshop, Speaking, & Interview Clips

"Your story is an invitation for others to join you on your journey, to walk in your shoes and see the world through your eyes. Your story is powerful and engaging because it is evidence of your truth."

Upcoming Training:

The Power of Your Story workshops are being offered in Northwest Arkansas in 2018. This full day storytelling workshop focuses on discovering and crafting both your personal and brand stories. Learn more and reserve your spot today.

Learn to embrace your authentic voice and share your message with confidence and ease.

My free ebook reveals the secrets to effective storytelling and how you can use the power of story to communicate with influence.

  • 5 influential benefits of storytelling
  • 'Heart Fire Stories' defined with examples
  • The 3 self-healing powers of your personal stories
  • How to share your story in a way that influences desired behaviors
  • What you'll need to discover and share your own Heart Fire Stories

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